By: Bapak John van der Jagt

Our logo has a number of symbols that I will explain here:

The colors Red and White: The colors of the indonesian flag,
together with the Blue border (red, white and blue) the Netherlands (Dutch) flag.

The Flower: Gracefulnes in the Pencak Silat.

The 5 leaves of the flower:
  1. Do not start a fight.
  2. Do not abuse the Pencak Silat name and Jurus.
  3. "Walk away" / Try to avoid a fight.
  4. Talk your way out of a fight.
  5. If there is no other option, stand up and fight (defend) yourself.

The bright color Blue: A spiritual color.

Name: Shakti,  Divine Energy.

Cimande: The Style from West-Java.

The Golden Circel: The Golden center of the flower, a fair and pure way of actions, it is a purpose in life to gain a golden/pure heart. The Circel stands for infinity in the development of Pencak Silat.

The Greeting hands: Symbol for respect.

1 Tiger - Power - Straight forward - Earth - Red/Brown:
A student will first rely on his/hes physical strength to compensate for the lack of knowledge,

2 Monkey - Fluently - Holdingback - Water - Blue:
A student will, when improving, move more fluently, but also be holdingback/being carefull because he/she will now be able to see what an opponent can do. Sometimes use the appearence of being affraid to give the opponent the wrong impression of you.

3 Snake - Agression - Go right into the fight - Fire - Orange:
A student want and can take control of the fight.

4 Bird of Prey - Lightmovement - "Arrogant" - Air - White:
A student will be fully truting his/her own knowledge and easier evading the attacks.
Pencak Silat Cimande - Rotterdam