By: Bapak John van der Jagt

Our Teachers
The Head-Teacher of  PERGURUAN SHAKTI ROTTERDAM, he started at the age of 7 with Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, after several years (8) he also started doing Full-Contact Kyokushin Karate, in 1986 he started his training in Pencak Silat Cimande. He can say for himself that Pencak Silat Cimande is a very effective and all round form of martial arts. This art is very complete.

Guru Muda
Bapak John van der Jagt
Pelatih Dave van der Voordt
He is the teacher in the school. Together with Bpk John he teaches the classes. He started his training in this school in 1993 and he too, after getting in touch with other martial arts forms, finds Pencak Silat very complete and has a wide range of technics. He has got his Pelatih Level from Bpk John and he also has the Jagabaya Level from Ibu Rita (Mande Muda)
Pencak Silat Cimande - Rotterdam