By: Bapak John van der Jagt

The Javaanse Calender
Todays Javaneese Cultural Calender exists of a combination of different calender systems. This combination of the 5 day market week and the Arabic/Western 7 day week gives us a cycle of 35 days. With this calender the people find out on what days they will perform what rituals.

The Pasaran - The Javaneese 5-Day Week

Western/Arabic 7-Day week
Senin - Maandag
Selasa - Dinsdag
Rebo - Woensdag
Kemis - Donderdag
Jumat - Vrijdag
Setu - Zaterdag
Minggu/Ahad - Zondag

Next to the specific days for rituals there is also the day of your own birth (Weton) on that day you could perform a ritual for yourself. To find out when you will have to calculate back to your birth year and day to find out your Weton. Just start at a day you know now and go back in steps of 5 weeks (35 dagen).

To get you started,
Friday July - 11 - 2008  was Jumat Kliwon.

Good luck on your calculations.
The 35-Day WETONAN Cycle
The Combining of the 5-day and 7-day Weeks

8. Senin Pon
9. Selasa Wagé
10. Rebo Kliwon
11. Kemis Legi
12. Jumat Pahing
13. Setu Pon
14. Minggu Wagé

1. Senin Legi
2. Selasa Pahing
3. Rebo Pon
4. Kemis Wagé
5. Jumat Kliwon
6. Setu Legi
7. Minggu Pahing

15. Senin Kliwon
16. Selasa Legi
17. Rebo Pahing
18. Kemis Pon
19. Jumat Wagé
20. Setu Kliwon
21. Minggu Legi

29. Senin Wagé
30. Selasa Kliwon
31. Rebo Legi
32. Kemis Pahing
33. Jumat Pon
34. Setu Wagé
35. Minggu Kliwon
22. Senin Pahing
23. Selasa Pon
24. Rebo Wagé
25. Kemis Kliwon
26. Jumat Legi
27. Setu Pahing
28. Minggu Pon

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