The animal systems will be taught in an order that suites the student. If a student moves like a monkey by nature during sparring or has the emotional karakteristics than he/she will learn this first. If there is nothing that points to a specific style the order will be like this:

1 Tiger - Power - Straight forward - Earth - Red/Brown:
A student will first rely on his/hes physical strength to compensate for the lack of knowledge,

2 Monkey - Fluently - Holdingback - Water - Blue:
A student will, when improving, move more fluently, but also be holdingback/being carefull because he/she will now be able to see what an opponent can do. Sometimes use the appearence of being affraid to give the opponent the wrong impression of you.

3 Snake - Agression - Go right into the fight - Fire - Orange:
A student want and can take control of the fight.

4 Bird of Prey - Lightmovement - "Arrogant" - Air - White:
A student will be fully truting his/her own knowledge and easier evading the attacks.
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Ofcourse in Cimande we also use all kind of weapons. In fact all unarmed motions can be used with a little  adjustment to a motion with a weapon. In Indonesia people used to wear (they often still do) weapons in daily life. Weapons like sword and keris, the farmers used knives and machette. So it is only logical that thes weapons have been used to fight with as well. The weapons used in our system are for example: the knife (Pisau), the machette (Golok), the Kujang (a typical weapon of Cimande), the pedang (sword), the cabang / trisula (trident) and several sizes of sticks (Tonkat).
The training comes down to this:
  1. Jurus
  2. Langkah
  3. Sambut
  4. Bunga
  5. Senjata
  6. Ilmu Kembatinan
By: Bapak John van der Jagt

Pencak Silat Cimande - Rotterdam

- Basics.
- Stances and directions.
- Sparring.
- How to behave in- and outside the Lessons.
- How to handle weapons.
- The Spiritual teachings.
As you can see in our Logo (Link to Logo) our style is build around animal-forms. The first 3 levels are for really getting down the basics of the Cimande system. After this you will learn how to use weapons and learn the animal sistems. So the first 3 levels are basics that you learn in about a year or 2. After this you do the 3 advanced levels where you learn an animal style each level, energy training and how to use the weapons.