By: Bapak John van der Jagt

Pencak Silat Cimande - Rotterdam

Pencak Silat Cimande is the ancient martial arts from West Jawa Indonesia. Pencak Silat is a martial art originating from Indonesia. There are more than 13,000 islands, 360 spoken languages and a population of approximately 200 million people in making up the Indonesia Archipelago.
With over 1.800 different styles of Pencak Silat throughtout the islands of Indonesia, you can imagine that no two styles of Pencak Silat look exactly alike. Each style depicts the area of origin and its' ethnic group with their own characteristics.

In a modern Indonesian dictionary you could find a description of the words Pencak and Silat,
Pencak : "A system of self defence" en Silat: "Blocking". But those who are really doing it would explain it differently.

Pencak, This word originated from Java, Penca (without the K) is the original word and refers to regulated movements in an almost gracious way. Pencak is the general Indonesian way of writing. You can do it alone or with partners.

Silat is a word that originates from other islands and refers to the actual fight with the use of Pencak. Seeing this with an actual opponent there is no doubt that this is a very effective way martial arts. So Silat is actual combat, much faster.

Cimande like I said before also comes from the river of Cimande and this is essential in performing this style. The fluent motion that never stops.  Although the style Cimande is developped by Embah Khair it is ofcourse not realistic to say that  that all movement is still exactly the same now as he did. Also Cimande has developped itsself due to the influence of the experience of the many teachers who performed it all these years.
Pencak Silat was first practised with family and friends and not for the general public. At this moment we wish to lett the world know what Pencak Silat is all about. In indonesia it is even in the regular schools as means of fysical fitness. Also on special moments of weddings, harvest or religion, Pencak Silat is performed.

The names of the Pencak Silat styles come from various sources such as the name of the village it originated from or the name of the founder or creator of the system.  Most villages in West Java start with "Ci"   Ci means pointing to a particular village or Chi which can mean a flow of water.  This is why many of the rivers start with Ci.

There are three major styles of Pencak Silat in West Java.   These are Cimande - Cikalong - Syahbandar - Terumbu.  There are ofcourse many other styles in West Java but these three are the most widely practiced original Pencak Silat in West Java.

The Pencak Silat style we do is Cimande, developped in Indonesia. This system is build around 7 principles. If one of them is being fargotten, the effectivity will be less. But all together they are very a effective way of fighting.
These are:
Penetration and Adhesion (1) The ability to close within striking range, enter the opponents space. After entering the opponents space, stay there to be able of striking the opponent and staying in control of the fight. bringing the opponent down and followed directly into the ground with finishing techniques.

Continuous Flow and camouflage (2) All of the movements must be of a flowing nature. Although forms must be taught one at a time to allow them to be absorbed easier the real practical use of them comes from ability to imperceptibly flow from one juru into the next, all without the opponent knowing what happens. You could for example hide your fist in the motions.
Moving like Bamboo (3)  In leaning the body back, away and just out of reach of the blow. As the opponent's blow reaches its apex of movement and begins to be withdrawn for the next strike, the principle of adhesion again takes over and the part of the body that was bent away springs back. All punches and kicks start from the ground in energy, move swift and end with power like a whip.

Off Timing (4) The off timing produces a smooth flow interrupted by fast, short, snappy actions that do not let a fighter set up to your rhythm. This can be done by slapping actions to the legs with the hands and a forceful stomping action on the ground with the feet while hitting and moving. Also to break the rithm of the opponent Trapping  is used, this is to quickly grab or halt in movement that which has been thrown to you. Usually in the trap a simultaneously delivered blow will be given.

Compacting blows (5) Compacting is composed of blows that are is delivered in very short arcing and chopping methods almost immediately without withdrawing it, in a way like Bruce Lee's 1 inch punch.

Decoying (6)  To decoy is to purposefully open yourself up in a manner that appears desirable for the attacker to strike at, but with full knowledge that he will strike here. For each opening a counter to his strike is built in, so it is a trap.

Being Destructive (7)  It is a form of counterattack, everything is aimed at disabling the arms, fist, wrist, elbow, nerves, and the attackers base, namely his ankles, shins and knee joints. This can be done by hitting / kicking it or to lett the attach run into the thorns of our body like the elbow, like a Thorn.  Combined in this you could see Body Armor, the integrity of your fighting position. It is a manner of always being covered, in the way that you hold/move your hands, your height and manner of moving. So that even if you did not have time to pick off an attacking blow the very position you are in will give you protection.

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WEST JAVA: The beautiful rice fields, tea plantations and rubber tree crops are the result the rich earth that is surrounded by volcanoes making West Java beautiful and colorful in the scenery, culture and the arts. The West Javanese people, otherwise know as the Sunda people, are easy going and happy. In Indonesia Pencak Silat is not just a way of self defence, it is actually a way of life.
Cimande: Cimande is the name of a village, a river and a style of Pencak Silat in West Java.  Cimande has simple jurus and applications.  The Cimande style is found in three different villages Cimande Tarik Kolot, Cimande Tengah and Cimande Girang.  Tanah Sareal is the area where Embah Kahir , the founder, is buried.  Embah is a title that comes from Abah which means grandfather.  Eyang or Mama are also titles with the same meaning.  The founder is referred to by one of these titles, which title depends on the origin of the person speaking his name. Each of the following terms is correct: Abah Kahir, Embah Kahir, Eyang Kahir or Mama Kahir.

Cimande has a reputation throughout Indonesia for healing bones. They use a special oil called "balur" for the purpose of healing the bones. Balur is often used after training to heal injuries incurred to the bones of the forearms. Cimande is highly respected for both it's bone healing and it's Pencak Silat. Often the names of the founders of this oil are recited and a mantra to invoce the healing energy.