By: Bapak John van der Jagt

Balur Information
This Oil is very much appreciated by the Pencak Silat practisioners and specially developped in Cimande to help the persilat during training. It is very suitable for all martial arts that have high physical impact. (the so called contact styles).

It has a power healing effect for bruises, muscle and bones. It is used to help condition the arms and legs to withstand severe blows.

Its effectivity lies in 2 things: 1 in the herbs used and 2 the empowerments done during the production.

You will only need a little bit to treat an injury.

Be aware that on the Indonesian Pasar (market) and during international sales that there are people that delute the Oil to make more money. The power and strength of the oil wil ofcourse decrease because of these actions. This is both bad for the user - it is less effective, and for the producer - the quality of his oil is brought down.
The Balur oil is only being mede on specific days and is made from herbs found in nature that are sometimes hard to find. Those are the reasons why it might tale some time before a new batch of Balur Oil becomes available. These natural ingredients are the cause of the different appearances of different batches. 

However the collors and scent might differ, the healing potential and energetic empowerments remain the same.

Pencak Silat Cimande - Rotterdam